International Men’s Day New Zealand 2018 review

2018 was our first year and it was a tremendous success. Initially we wanted to do ‘more than nothing’ and we did much more than that.


We had a couple of interviews about men’s day.

Chris Lynch from NewsTalk ZB:


 and radio interview with Dad’s On the Air Australia.

Dads on the Air interview with International Men’s Day New Zealand

International Men’s Day NZ also made it to mainstream TV. Breakfast and Seven Sharp both had short segments. Unfortunately, the hosts didn’t know much about men’s day so we will have to be more proactive about informing people next year.


Hawkes Bay

Kids Need Dads Hawkes Bay put on a couple of events

Flipping the Switch: Ever thought about living a life less stressful, or maybe the sheer cost of renting / owning or making ends meet is starting to get to you ?Phillip Sheehan and his family “flipped the script” and found another way to live that is outside the box. 

Men’s Wellbeing in Hawke’s Bay, How are we doing?
Malcolm Byford, Kurt Fenton, Joe Whare talked to health workers, organisations and individuals working in or supporting Mens Wellbeing in our community.


We are based in Christchurch and we had three events

We had a cuppa in the square event where we shouted people a coffee in exchange for sharing a story about a man they know who they admired, respected or are grateful for

We had a biker run with more than 20 riders which raised over $400 for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

We also had a get together for a drink and a chat.


There were also some low key events in Paraparaumu and Invercargill


We ran a competition online for a $100 gift card. People submitted stories about the men they admire. There were some beautiful stories of some fantastic men. 

Promotional banner for our 2018 Facebook competition